My career background was 17 years as a programmer for an insurance company, and 20 years teaching computer classes at a technical college in Wausau, Wisconsin.  In 2005 I retired from teaching and moved to Butler, TN, near Watauga Lake.  For three years I was very busy building the house we live in, and two others near our home.  The recession stopped us from more building projects, so I had time to practice and study music, which had always been a long term goal.  I started with a guitar, and then a hammered dulcimer.  I learned some things, but could not get to a very high level with them.

In the fall of 2010 I built a McSpadden Sweet Song dulcimer from a kit.  Dulcimers soon became my instrument of choice.  You can quickly learn to play the melody of tunes on one string, and let the drone strings provide a background chord.  When you want to play chords, the patterns are much easier than on a guitar.  I soon made two more instruments from inexpensive kits I found on ebay.

In late 2011 I decided to build from my own designs.  The second one I made was a very nice instrument, but then I wanted to try different woods, and look for little improvements.  I can only play one at a time, and I enjoy building them, so I decided it was time to sell some of them.  Production will be limited, but my goal is to provide great sounding, high quality instruments at an affordable price.