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A - Mahogany and Cherry Dulcimer


This is my 33" pinaple shape dulcimer.  It is 8" wide, with a 25.5" VSL.  The soundboard and back are both mahogany.  The sides and fretboard are cherry, with wood dots for fret markers.  It has gold frets and gold tuners.

New on this instrument is a free standing bridge with adjustable height.  A free standing bridge makes an instrument a little louder, and you can set it for perfect intonation.  Now you can keep the action as low as it will work.  If you get a fret buzz, just turn the knobs to raise the bridge a little.

Below is a video of a different dulcimer of this size.

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Shipping cost is $20, in 48 US states. Please email me about any other shipping.

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