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E - Padauk Solid Body Electric - WLD113


This dulcimer is 32" long and 5" wide. The wood used is ash and white oak. The fretboard is 3/4" high, 1.5" wide, with a vibrating string length of 25.5". The frets are gold.

Frets - There are 17 frets, plus a 1.5, 6.5, and 8.5. This is standard for me. If you want different fretting you should contact me for a special order.

This is a new design for a solid body electric.  It will be priced a little lower than my hourglass design because it is easier to build. 

This video will show more about the instrument.

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Shipping Cost is $20 in 48 US states. Please email me about any other shipping.

If you want to add a soft case for $20, please email me.

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