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E - Red Oak Solid Body - 27.5" VSL


This dulcimer is 34" long and 5.5" wide. The body is red oak. The fretboard is maple, 1" high, 1.5" wide, with a vibrating string length of 27.5". The frets are gold.

If you like low notes the longer string length helps. I currently have it tuned as D a d, an octave lower than standard tuning.  You can also change the middle string from A to G. This makes it play as key of G, with either the bass or melody string played like it is ionian tuning.  

With different strings, it could be played as a baritone, key of G or A. It could also be used as a standard key of D. You may like the longer VSL.

 Shipping Cost is $20 in 48 US states. Please email me about any other shipping.

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