The video offers a quick explanation of this instrument.  It is held like a guitar. There are three strings like a dulcimer, but they are reversed:  the lowest string is at the top with the primary melody string in the lowest position.  The idea comes from cigar box guitars, which have become very popular.  If you look around on YouTube it is easy very talented players making many types of music.  Electric seems more common than acoustic.  Most are tuned 1 5 1 in key of G or D, but like a dulcimer you could tune in any key with the proper strings.  Many are diatonic, as this one is, but a lot of them have all the frets which makes them more versatile, but harder to play, especially if you are just starting.

I will be building more of these, and adding information to this page.  Prices start at $180, and be a little higher for more expensive wood.