Basic Support for New Players
There are two good web sites that provide help through social networks for dulcimer players.  They are good places to get questions answered, and help you meet other players in your area:
     Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer
Here are some places to find music to play.  Most of this is in tablature format.
     Jam'n Folk

If you go to my photo gallery, there is an album of songs you can play. Either look at them on the screen, or print them and start a book of songs you want to play.

Check the submenues under "Player Support".   There is a page for songs in key of C, and one for songs in key of D.  These pages contain sound files to support the printed sheet music.  Play the song to help learn it, and then play along with it.  I have brought the jam session players to you until you can join a real jam.

I like to play in DAaa tuning, and I like to play chords.  Check my Photo Gallery tab to see chord diagrams.  I have added chords to these diagrams you are not likely to use in key of D.  If you want to play chords while you sing, or someone else plays lead you can play in other keys.  One of the diagrams shows common chords for several keys.  Most of these chords can be played on your dulcimer, even though you are tuned for key of D.